Plastic welding rods PET-G

You will find in this category plastic welding rods made of polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PET-G). These are mainly used for glazing, for example bus stops, displays and picture glazing. The plastic is also used for windows in motorcycles, construction machines and agricultural vehicles, as well as glazing in motor sport. PET-G has a high resistance, breaking strength and chemical resistance. Moreover, PET-G has very good low-temperature behavior. The welding rods offered by us can be processed very well with hot-air tool and welding iron. The welding rods are ideal for repairs to:
  • Cockpit discs on motorcycle and motorsport
  • Glass substitute at bus stop, balcony and buildings
  • Illuminated signs, information boards and advertising boxes
  • Housing, household containers, bicycle helmets
  • Modelling and Tools
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