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Body Filler Plastic Troton 400g
7,95 EUR
19,88 EUR per kg
Shippingtime: 1-3 Days
Plastic welding rods PA GF 4mm Triangular Black 25 rods
5,95 EUR
Shippingtime: 1-3 Days
Plastic welding rods PP 4mm Round Gray (RAL7040) 25 rods
5,95 EUR
Shippingtime: 1-3 Days
Plastic welding rods PVC-U Rigid 4mm Round White 25 bars
6,95 EUR
Shippingtime: 1-3 Days
Round nozzle 5mm long 150mm and 90° angled pluggable
48,95 EUR
Shippingtime: Currently not available

az-reptec is your specialised trade for plastic welding

We carry the products that you need for a safe, cost-effective repair, for modeling and mold making and for the design and manufacture of plastic products. Our ever-growing number of products includes plastic welding rods and plastic welding wire of many thermoplastics in various thicknesses, colors and lengths, plastic plates in different sizes, thicknesses and colors, as well as accessories such as stainless steel reinforcement nets in different sizes, plastic filler and tools. To be able to perform welding plastic professionally, you will find of course the matching welding equipment, such as welding iron and hot air tools, as well as for matching welding tips and nozzles.

Price and longevity make plastic welding so popular

Plastic welding has proven itself as a process in many areas. The process produces a durable connection between plastics. The individual components fuse with each other by plastic welding. This connection is higher quality and more stable than glued areas or components. A high strength is achieved by plastic welding. Today, it is preferably used to repair, for example, thermoplastic plastics.

Plastic welding is gaining recognition in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, plastic welding enjoys growing recognition. The processing of plastic has increased considerably both in the case of automobiles and two-wheelers. The material is used here in countless areas, but can cause considerable damage over time. The plastics are frequently welded to repair these damages. In order to limit repair costs, welding is increasingly preferred to the installation of spare parts. The reasons for the growing spread of welding are different. They range from the lack of availability of the necessary parts to the cost side.

Individual transformations safely processed

Plastic welding is also a popular solution for individual conversions. This procedure makes adjustments to the radiator grille, the motorcycle trim or the cockpit very easy. The bumper and spoiler can be machined by welding. Other fields of application of plastic welding are tank construction, boat building and swimming pool. Pond construction is always used when it comes to walls, foils and filter systems. Plastic welding has also penetrated the building industry. Here, in the sanitary area, but also in the insulation and insulation, the processed plastics are welded in order to achieve a long service life.

In our service area... you will find the illustrated instructions for welding plastic with hot-air device and welding tool. These instructions will explain the steps for repairing a plastic part. You will also find the welding temperatures for the most common thermoplastics, such as ABS, PP, PE-HD. Since each plastic has its own optimum temperature range, the use of a temperature-controlled hot-air tool or welding piston is important.
In the case of repairs of thermoplastics, it is of course important to know what type of plastic it is. Usually, the recycling code is attached to the part to be repaired at a mostly inconspicuous location. Thus, the plastic is to be determined without a doubt. If there is no marking, however, the plastic must be determined. One possibility would be the so-called flame test, in which a small piece of the plastic is lighted. On the appearance of the flame and the smoke, as well as on the smell, one can narrow down the plastic type. Another possibility is pro welding with different types of plastics. One determines the plastic, which best connects with the repair piece and finally holds permanently.

Plastic plates ABS/ASA with medium graining in black and gray
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